Our fleet consists of 450 Megatrailers, a type trailer that has a 20% more capacity compared to a standard trailer and a volume of 100 m3. That results in considerable cost savings and a reduced environmental impact.

Reliable partner in transport

We have a proven track record and ample experience in transporting finished products, like paper, packaging materials, appliances, car parts and many other lightweight cargoes. With a dedicated team of 18 professionals, we operate the daily planning and administration surrounding international transport from our location in Klundert. Our people, specialists, each have their expertise and experience in the transport sector. Our approach is characterized by short communication lines and flexibility. That allows us to optimize our services based on the wishes and requirements for a secure logistical distribution.

Customized transportation

Our specialists are familiar with the international transport rules and European legislation for transport services and trailers. We have ample knowledge and experience to ensure that any freight is transported securely and in accordance with demand.

International transport

Since 2001, Olof-MTT specializes in international freight transport of finsihed products for the EU and Great Britain and Ireland.


We map the entire route, by road or rail, to match your wishes and requirements.

Green Care

Our aim is to minimize CO2 emissions by using combined transportation.

Customs formalities

If necessary, we provide the customs documents that are required for international transport.

Special project cargoes

Our fleet contains trailers that can be loaded and unloaded through a sliding roof using a crane.

Track & Trace

Our Megatrailers are equipped with track & trace technology and real-time insight into the freight route.