Olof Megatrailers

The sliding sheets in the trailers are equipped with additional reinforcement in the shape of vertically placed aluminum boards that are integrated into the curtains. We also have trailers with horizontal wooden boards.
This makes the trailers very suitable for freight transport that required lateral support.

Periodical inspections

Our trailers are regularly subjected to a technical inspection. We make sure that the trailers are and stay in tiptop shape at all times. For instance, the trailers adhere to the EN 12642 XL standard, which ensures that any cargo is securely fastened.

Track & Trace technology

Our Megatrailers are equipped with track & trace technology for real-time insight into the transport route, giving us complete control of our fleet and cargo.

Mega trailer specifications

  • 13.6 m. MEGA tautliners (with sliding roof)
  • Length: 13620 mm
  • Width: 2480 mm
  • Height: 3000 mm
  • Access height: 3150 mm (when using lifting roof)
  • Max. load capacity: 25,000 kg or 100 m3