Green care

OLOF-MTT is happy to be a part of that and wants to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible, because a better environment also starts with us.

We do so through a number of clear technical and operational goals.


When purchasing new trailers, we look at their aerodynamics, among other things. Better aerodynamics means lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions as a result. In addition, we look at the possibilities of alternative fuels that are more environmentally friendly. One of the things that have a quick effect is selecting the best tires and ensuring optimum tire tension. Furthermore, old tires are recycled.


By continuously reducing the number of ‘empty’ miles, we are more cost-effective and therefore less wasteful. We increasingly opt in favor of combined transportation, in which we combine road, railways and waterways. For instance, we purchased 100 trailers for intermodal transport that are also suitable for rail transport. This will help us meet our CO2 reduction targets.

In addition, now and in particular in the future, our partners will have to meet the highest Euronorm, and we increasingly work together more intensively with colleagues, so that we make good use of any overcapacity.